About me

About me

Nick was raised in a dysfunctional but creative New Zealand family where his mother worked in film and his father worked in advertising.

His love affair with photography began when he was just 11 years old, after he saw his father’s pathetic attempts at photography and realised he could do much better.

Consequently he nicked his father’s Nikon camera and a couple of rolls of film. And over the next few years, through trial and error (mostly error) he learnt the intricacies of the camera and how to develop his own film and prints. At secondary school, Nick soon discovered he could use these newly learned skills in photography to express his many vaguely artistic ideas after realising he was terrible at drawing.

Nick went on to study a Diploma in Contemporary Photography at a local polytechnic, a very hands on course with assignments due weekly and no exams. Just like real life.

While studying photography, he used his mother's connections in the film industry to land a job on the set of Power Rangers where he was schooled in the delicate art of rigging, continuous lighting, moving image and how to wind up a cable properly.

Having majored in documentary photography, Nick soon found it was becoming increasingly difficult to pursue a career in his chosen field, despite being published and winning awards for covering the 2004 tsunami aftermath in Thailand and the Plain of Jars in Laos.

Thinking proactively, and to his father’s horror, he instead, started looking towards a career in advertising and editorial photography. Nick knew that there was only one way to further his career in photography and that was to get on the next plane to London and learn from the best professionals in the world. By his reckoning, London had double the population of New Zealand and therefore, the photographers he wanted to work with and learn from must be at least twice as good.

In 2008, after just arriving in the UK, Nick started chasing and badgering a good percentage of the photographers in London looking for work, where he was able to get a start in his photography career as a freelance assistant, freelancing for, and learning from some of the best photographers in the industry.

Fast forward a decade and Nick is still in the business, enthusiastically seeking opportunities with attitude and energy from ad agencies and clients alike.